We Turn Insight into Action
ClearInsight Solutions combines automated, AI-infused planning, forecasting, reporting and analytics with highly interactive dashboards. We enable your team to spend more time delivering insights, making faster and more informed decisions, and ultimately creating value for your business.

With our cloud-based governance framework, we help you more thoroughly understand the numbers and turn that insight into action for better business results.

Since 2006, we have partnered with Commercial Enterprises and US Federal Government agencies, including a long-term relationship with the Department of Energy, to implement, extend, and optimize using our solution for Spend Plan Management.

Together, we can move your business into the future.

More About Us
ClearInsight Solutions, founded in 2006, is a U.S. company that advances cost management to support the mission and objectives of the enterprise.

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We make Spend Plans Manageable, Actionable, and Predictable

ClearInsight Spend Plan Management (ClearInsight SPM) brings all your heterogeneous systems together onto a dynamic, interactive dashboard for proactive planning, tracking, and reporting of budgets for all stakeholders. This enables lightning-fast decision making to quickly gain momentum on the competition.

Today’s CIOs are faced with the demand to accelerate the business. With disparate systems capturing the data they need to make decisions spread all over the enterprise, data becomes the enemy. This is the #1 barrier to business transformation. ClearInsight® SPM, provides Government CIOs direct information from the Congressional Budget right down to the details of Budget Execution; and provides Corporate CIOs direct alignment of the plan from the Boardroom through to Service Delivery – on demand, with a click of a button!


We transform your disparate data into dynamic, interactive decision-making intelligence

Implementation of the ClearInsight SPM platform can take as little as 90 days. We use your established operational data sources to produce an audit ready record of CIO procured assets and services, directly traceable to individual Formulated Budget line items; funding sources; and contracts.

The solution provides a ‘single point of truth’ that contains all CIO planned and actual costs; associated recovery and funding for all procured assets and services. It then generates an on-demand ‘single pane of glass’ view of your organization’s spend plan, execution budget, and planning budget.

IT stakeholders have a an interactive, dynamic dashboard at their fingertips to understand, align, and control the interrelated budget, funding, and cost recovery impact of IT assets and services procured and deployed by the enterprise.


Answer Your Most Critical Business Questions in Minutes not Weeks

With business complexity accelerating exponentially, you need decision supporting information at your fingertips.

Whether you are chartered with:

    • ■ Optimizing Contract Spend
      ■ Improving Service Delivery to Cost Ratios
      ■ Saving Money and Cost Management
      ■ Gaining Visibility into Future Budget Risks or Opportunities
      ■ ‘Doing More, with Same or Less’

ClearInsight SPM serves as your single source for all OCIO Budget Planning and Budget Execution business intelligence and analytics information.

Doing More, with the Same or Less.